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Intezaar (Waiting)

Ek saaans rukhi hain
ek aas tikhi hain
ek anshoo palko par rakha hua hain

ek nazaar tamhi hain
ek cheek dabi hain
ek dard kahi par chupa hua hain
ek sapna sunehra
ek zakhm hain gehra
jisko bharne ka aarma nahin hain

ek baarish ke boond 
ek hawa ka jhoka 
baiteh hain mere pass mera mann behlane

ek honton pe haansi 
ek ankhoon mein naami
ek maachalta hua mann
ek aakhri dhadkan
ek behka sa kadam
Jo thame mujhe hardum
ek raat darwaaze par khaadi 
ek shaam jaane ko tyaar
In sab ko hain intezaar

Tum aao..to chalein
Bus tum aao..to chalein
STOP THIS MENACE by Sudip Mitra in Literature | Art . Posted on April 20, 2014
Well I really do not have the knowledge to actually write on the subject but I just thought that I could share with you all here some social etiquette on a platform which I think we all love and adore.  We are civilized and thus it is best to make this site "THE BEST" and I am sure you all would agree with me on this aspect.

Some things we should try and follow :-

Never be in a hurry......art is required to be savored, I mean have a good look at it and then click the buttons.

Always check before you press the "Enter" button when you are commenting by writing something...it will save you a lot of embarrassment for not checking the spellings.  (This goes for your posts too).

Do not be stingy while motivating......you can always press all the buttons available to comment no harm....but at the same time analyse within yourself is it worth it.....but then again this depends on your own perception about the art in front of you for it is said "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" - so it is you who got to decide.....a simple thing is that you got to love art to further comment so first "love" it.

All of us on this platform are artists in our own right - be it painting, sketching, 3D Art, Digital, sculpting, music, phtography etc etc.  And the manhours spent in creating such art differs with each category.  In no way it is to say that a digital artist doesn't spent much time because while creating some complex art they do need to concentrate.  So it is very much wise to put yourself into the shoes of the artist who has created it.  Am sure now you would try and be generous while commenting.  

When you visit the page of an artist try and spend some time - go through all the artworks and the portfolios and if you decide to follow click on it but then please make sure you make some comments on some artworks there.  You have clicked on the "Follow" button so for sure it is because you like the artworks and if you so do it is always better to let the person know that you have started to follow his artwork.  Come back later and check out all the artworks at a later time frame.  And moreover it would be worth to "pm" the artist that you like his artwork.

Try and be social....we all are social animals....be courteous and take time out to thank all your friends who have appreciated your art......spend some time and do not be "me", "me", only.  It is selfish to await comments and praises on your work and not reciprocating at all.  If you do not have the time come back later and instead of posting a new artwork of your own first spent time on appreciating art made by others.

Always maintain a balance.......you know the standard of artwork you have created....be sporting enough to accept criticism, because any kind of criticism goes out a long way to mold you, to make a genuine person out of you.  It is this criticism which gives us the grit and determination to change our mistakes and our course of the future.

While we create we are lost in our own world, but there are some amongst us who try and garner false praises for themselves by posting artworks created by others as their own.  Refrain from doing it.....post your own artwork which you have created.  If you have to post an artwork which you like or love and it has not been created by you please mention it in the title or create a portfolio stating that they are works of different artists and not yours.

These are some of the points which come to my mind.  This wonderful platform has helped us to connect and cherish each others' works.  If we love art and we really are here to share please care for each other also.  Motivate and be inspired yourself.  An artist journey is a long one and it takes time to get recognition.....and the fruit of success after a long drawn struggle is always sweet.  Bear in mind that we have got the opportunity to meet wonderful people who have distinct mindset and who all are creative in their own little way.  Make this journey more meaningful and take the positive energy from this site.....let me assure you that you will always remember this and smile at leisure.......it will help you grow as a good human being.  Cheers Touchtalent for giving us this opportunity.

P.S. - I may not be right and I do not consider myself to be the last word on the subject......you all are matured enough and you have joined in the site on your own.....make it worthy for yourself as well as for others.  I have just put across some points there are many others.  Please do not take this personally because I feel personal scores are best settled one to one face to face.
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